It’s All In Your Head

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again:  it’s all in your head.

Last week was max clean and jerk day at the gym.  I saw the workout posted online the day before, and I was ecstatic!  Cleans, cleans, cleans are my FAVORITE!!  So I made up my mind the night before that I was gonna get a new PR the next day.  It was GOING TO HAPPEN, period.

So I showed up at the gym the next day, and I successfully lifted 7 pounds more than I ever have before.  PR complete!

One of my friends arrived in time for the class after me.  In passing, I asked her if she was ready to lift ALL THE WEIGHTS and get a huge PR.  She said, “We’ll see how it goes.”

Guess what?  She didn’t hit a new PR.  Sure, she lifted well enough, but she didn’t surpass her previous performance.

I’m convinced it was because she didn’t believe she was going to succeed.


The mind is a powerful muscle, and what’s rolling around in there can have a profound impact on what happens on the outside.  Let’s exercise our minds by filling them with positive thoughts; our minds have profound effects on the performance of the rest of our muscles.  It really is all in your head!



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