Into the Dark

Every athlete has it, but not every athlete goes there. Every athlete has it, but some fear it while others embrace it. Others can encourage you to go, but only you can take yourself there. It’s that dark, scary place deep inside of you where “what you’re really made of” is located.

There are plenty of reasons not to visit that place.

  • For one, it is dark and scary. It’s the place where your lungs burn and your muscles cry for mercy, where sheer resolution is the only thing moving you forward.
  • But there’s also the fear of failure. Finding you’re not as strong or as fast as you want to be can be disheartening.
  • The fear of success can also hold you back. Discovering that you’re stronger or faster than you thought means there’s harder work ahead, and that is intimidating.
  • And certainly, a lack of drive can prevent an athlete from truly pushing themselves into the dark.
No, that's ok, I'm close enough.  I'll just stay over here where it's safe.
No, that’s ok, I’m close enough. I’ll just stay over here where it’s safe.

But there are rewards for going into the dark, and they are worth the risk.

  • You only find out what you’re truly made of in that place. And you have to know who you are RIGHT NOW to make a plan for who you want to be tomorrow.
  • Sometimes, all the hard work you’ve been putting in pays off. Some days, the dark isn’t as soul-crushing as it used to be and you find you are fitter, faster, and stronger than you’ve ever been.
  • The journey is yours alone, but can inspire your community. When you go there, you inspire those around you to push themselves to be better too.
I'm crying because I'm happy the pain is over!
I’m crying because I’m happy the pain is over!

The Crossfit Games Open is coming. There’s no better time to dig deep, step into the dark, and find out what you’re really made of. You may be surprised at what you find.

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