Where’s the Cream Filling?


I recently wrote on a friend’s Facebook wall for his birthday.  Since he is a coach at my Crossfit gym, I wished him a “Happy Burpee Day” since at my box you typically get a special birthday workout that either involves extra burpees or a weight vest or something else horrible.  62 other people wrote on his wall as well, only much to my surprise, he wrote a personal response to each birthday wish.  Here’s what he replied to me:

“You may be the most RANDOM injury prone person I know, but you’re also one of the most chipper and caring. Thankful for you and your heart for others. I appreciate getting to know you to date and can’t wait to learn more from you moving forward.”

Between Crossfit and 3-gun, it seems like I’m always hurting something.  We all know there was that time I put myself in the hospital with rhabdo.  But there have been an uncountable number of hand rips from pullups, smashed shins from missing box jumps, and bruised collarbones from power cleans.  Not to mention the random brass burns on my arms from shooting, and that time I stapled-gunned my finger when trying to put up a target.  There’s always some ugly SOMETHING on my body as visible proof that I’m apparently a walking accident.

Smashed shins, ripped hands, burned arms...and this was all in 2013!
Smashed shins, ripped hands, burned arms…and this was all in 2013!


Several years ago, Hostess did a commercial in which a bear in the woods comes upon a long yellow tube-shaped object with rounded ends.  The bear rushes towards it, believing that he’s found the world’s largest Twinkie.  He climbs on top of the object and rips it open, only to realize that it’s actually a camper with two terrified people inside.  The bear looks up, obviously disappointed, and questions, “Hey, where’s the cream filling?”

The bear was misled by the outward appearance of the trailer.  He believed he was getting delicious spongy cake and cream filling goodness, but instead he went away hungry because the trailer was empty inside (aside from the terrified occupants, which the bear was apparently not interested in consuming.)

I found the cream filling!
I found the cream filling!

But even before Hostess, someone else was misled by appearance.

A long time ago, God sent the prophet Samuel to Bethlehem to go pick out a new king.  You see, Israel’s first King had displeased God and was no longer God’s anointed one.  So it was time for Samuel to put God’s anointing on a new king.  Samuel headed to Bethlehem to the house of Jesse, where Jesse gathered all his sons before Samuel.  Jesse brought out his first son, Eliab, and Samuel thought, “Surely this is the guy.  He’s tall; he’s handsome; he just looks like a king.”  But God told Samuel no.

“Do not consider his appearance or his height, for I have rejected him. The Lord does not look at the things people look at. People look at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.” – 1 Sam. 16:7

Ok, so Eliab wasn’t the guy, so Jesse brought out Abinadab; God said no.  Jesse presented Shammah; God said no.  Jesse had 7 sons total pass before Samuel, and God said no to each one of them.  Finally, Samuel asked if there were any more sons.  There was — the youngest — but he was out in the field tending sheep.  Samuel told Jesse to send for him.

David arrived, and as you can imagine, he was probably pretty filthy and likely didn’t smell very good after being out in the field with the sheep.  God told Samuel that David — this young, dirty, stinky shepherd — was the anointed one.

As it turns out, David actually was a handsome dude, but that’s not why God chose him.  God chose David because of what was in his heart.  In fact, Scripture later refers to David as “a man after [God’s] own heart” and God knew that David would follow his leading and be the best King of Israel.


That bear was looking for a Twinkie with real cream filling.  God was looking for a true follower, regardless of outward appearance.  Because it’s what’s on the inside of people that counts.

So yes, I may look like a walking train wreck some times…ok, most of the time.  But those outward bumps and scrapes and bruises are symbolic of so much more.  They represent heart, and determination, and dedication to the sports that I love.  I may not be able to wear short skirts for a while after smashing my shins, and that brass burn on the back of my arm will always stand out when I’m wearing a tank top.  But I’m OK with that, because I know I earned those outside bruises and scars with what is on the inside.

Don’t be deceived by outward appearances!  Someone who looks like they’ve got it all together may be broken on the inside and desperately need a friend.  Another person who appears disheveled and scatterbrained may actually have some fantastic ideas up their sleeve.  Take the time to look a little deeper; you may like what you find!

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